Yellow Sky And Rock

Yellow sky and island Weston Super Mare

Yellow sky at Weston Super Mare – it was not sunset and I loved the way it looked with the islands.

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Red Muse Monster

Muse Monster in Felt

This is a little cuddly monster I made for my friends little girl – I thought it came out very cute 🙂

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School the School Bear

Mary loves her school bear

Taken at Ribston Hall on black and white setting, my 4 year old sharing her cake with she new school bear.

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Mary and School

Mookie and her bear

Mary and her new friend School who is a cuddly bear, taken at the interval of her sisters play with the Gloucestershire Operatic and Drama Society.

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Wine Bottle Candle

Wine Bottle Candle

A candle shaped as a wine bottle – bought for our anniversary, there is a kind of surrealism about the concept… this is not a wine bottle 🙂

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Turtle in Felt

A'Tuin says hi but were are my elephants?

This is a toy I made for my children, it is Great A’Tuin from the Discworld, it has a cheeky kermit the frog expression and is glittery – I loved the expression in the picture.

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Braided Hair

Braiding attempt

A braid in my daughters hair – taken with macro.

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Rainbows and Rivets

Rainbow and Rivet

Macro photo taken on a solar powered wind chime in my back garden, I just loved the interplay of colour and shape.

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Glass and Metal

Glass and Metal

Close up of my solar butterfly wind chime – I love how the metal looks against the coloured glass 🙂

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Solar Butterfly

Solar Butterfly

Solar Butterfly – taken in my back garden – not the best photo ever but the butterfly needed sharing.

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