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Cat Shelter

This is our cat Helium hiding from the snow – photo taken by Alaric using his smart phone, through a window.

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Tom Long the Long Ginger Tom in the Snow

This is our Tom Cat in the snow – the picture was taken at twilight which is why it is a bit dim and blue.

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I took this photo ages ago but thought it was just so cute – it is my little girl at about 4 yrs old having snugs with the guinea pigs with the pussy cat asleep next to her. That cat … Continue reading

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Christmas Cat

Hydrogen the cat flaked out on one of the snowman.

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Wild Cats in Lego

I love lego and I love cats – what more is there to be said 🙂

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Lego Leopards

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Moggy in a Box

We have sort of adopted a stray who we make little shelters for in the garden 🙂

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Cat On Purple

This is our cat Hydrogen – she has had several major ops so isn’t the most with it cat anymore more. I think this photo needs some captions 🙂

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Cat In A Bag

This is a happy cat in a bag – a sleeping bag. Her name is Helium and we’ve raised her and her sister from kittens – this one loves clothing.

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Cats On The Wall

One of my illustrations drawn for my husband Alaric using fine liner. He loves cats and today is his birthday 🙂 It was done completely free hand with no planning as you can probably tell!

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