Snowflake Tea Light Buckets

Snowflake Tea Light Buckets

It is Christmas Eve here in the UK and the sun has now set, I got these little buckets from a friends wedding – they were what the wedding favours were in. They make lovely tea light holders and I love the shadows of snow flakes they cast.

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  1. helen taylor says:


    Those are exactly the kind of tea light holders I was looking for for my wedding. I don’t suppose you know where your friend got them from! I can’t seem to find any for love nor money!

    Many thanks,


    • admin says:

      I will ask them

    • admin says:

      They got them from eBay — according to the seller they bought the last 120 of the snowflake pattern but they do other designs outside of Christmas season. If you do a search for “mini buckets” you’ll find a selection to chose from but they come in different sizes.

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