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Alan Turing 100 Years

This weekend saw the centenary of Alan Turings birth as a hero of modern day tech as well as the code breaker of World War Two I thought I would do a quick sketch – it is unfortunately not my … Continue reading

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Turing Machine Cake

This is the cake I made to mark the 100th birthday of Alan Turing, a tragic hero of computing and someone every modern child should know the name of.

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This is one of my drawings – it is A5 in size and done in felt tip in a sketch book. I thought it was appropriate for today as it is mid-summer and I had to do something to cheer … Continue reading

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Landscape In Glass

This is one of the many wonderful things I found to photograph during the Please Touch Exhibition at [Center Arts]( in Cheltenham.

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Father’s Day Space Cakes

This is what me and little girl made my husband for fathers day this year 🙂

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Shelter from the Sun

This is an old photo from a few years ago of measures taken to protect little things from the hot sun.

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60 Cup Cakes

These are some cupcakes I made and decorated again for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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Red White and Blue Cup Cakes

These are the cupcakes I made for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend.

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Queen’s 60th Year Jubilee Cake

This is the cake I made with my little girls help for the jubilee weekend.

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This is felt pen drawing I did in an attempt to show how I feel Science and Art are both part of Creativity.

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