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Morning By the Sea

Pastel colours at the edges of twilight hours can be just as wonderful as vivid sunsets and glorious dawns

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Reflections of The Sun on The Sea

There is something magical about the way light moves on water as if it too has become a liquid – sunlight on the sea is a gold that can not be extracted!

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Yellow Sky

Yellow sky at Weston Super Mare on the 15th of September 2015 – suggestions are pollution and sand storm – a sand storm around the Cardiff area seems to have be around there so I am going with that!

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Tree Stump in The Lake

Taken at Thriftwood campsite

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Baby Bath!

This is my little one having fun with bubbles – this is infact her first bubble bath due to her sensitive skin.

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Strange Seas

This is one of my drawings, it was done with fine liner and was heavily influence by Escher.

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Ice Bridge

This is the waterfall that was opposite our old house – it was prone to the formation of ice bridges – this isn’t the nicest it produced as it basically accreated around the grass stems that had flopped over on … Continue reading

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Ice Bridge To Be

This waterfall is prone to ice bridge formation.

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Ice Pit Of Doom

This is the water fall at Suttons Mill in Cranham during the 2009 snow.

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Tea Up Lad

This is a portrait of my father having his tea break after helping us out at our old house – he is actually drinking coffee 🙂 It is such a characteristic pose for him I just couldn’t resist it.

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