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Sunset and Sea

This is one of my all time favourite photos – I loved this walk and this image really really just sums up the beauty of the changing sky and landscape. It is the Thames Estuary and a place me and … Continue reading

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Morning By the Sea

Pastel colours at the edges of twilight hours can be just as wonderful as vivid sunsets and glorious dawns

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Reflections of The Sun on The Sea

There is something magical about the way light moves on water as if it too has become a liquid – sunlight on the sea is a gold that can not be extracted!

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Reflected Dawn

I just love the way water reflects sunlight

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Sun and Sea Scape

Photo taken along the sea wall of I think a sunset – I just love silhouettes of land and boats and birds and trees infant of such skies and if reflections and ripples can be captured too then all the … Continue reading

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Wine Bottle Candle

A candle shaped as a wine bottle – bought for our anniversary, there is a kind of surrealism about the concept… this is not a wine bottle 🙂

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Rainbows and Rivets

Macro photo taken on a solar powered wind chime in my back garden, I just loved the interplay of colour and shape.

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I love the way the colour came out on this photo – I took it on a walk home from the centre of Gloucester

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Finding the Sunshine

This is my little one toddling around Cranham Woods – she was very excited to find dappled sunshine on the forest floor 🙂

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A Gate!

My little one exploring Cranham Woods – I just loved the light coming through the trees and the way she stopped at the gate to ponder how to get over it!

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