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Yellow Sky

Yellow sky at Weston Super Mare on the 15th of September 2015 – suggestions are pollution and sand storm – a sand storm around the Cardiff area seems to have be around there so I am going with that!

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Rainbows and Rivets

Macro photo taken on a solar powered wind chime in my back garden, I just loved the interplay of colour and shape.

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Glass and Metal

Close up of my solar butterfly wind chime – I love how the metal looks against the coloured glass 🙂

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Solar Butterfly

Solar Butterfly – taken in my back garden – not the best photo ever but the butterfly needed sharing.

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Purple Swirl Embroidery

Part of the embroidery I am currently working on – I just like the way the swirls are building up.

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Swirl Embroidery

A close up of my space embroidery, I liked the way the lighting worked in this image to bring out the colours.

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Aztec Raspberry

This is a photo of a summer pud I made, I set it up to look like the raspberries were swarming at the base of a stepped pyramid 🙂 Though I can not recall if I mean inca, aztec or … Continue reading

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I love the way the colour came out on this photo – I took it on a walk home from the centre of Gloucester

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The Pink Rose

I took this photo in our back garden – the rose is flower is not a large one and it is the firs time I have successfully used the super macro setting on my camera 🙂

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Green Chilli

I just love the green against the black – it is one of the Chilli plants I have managed to grow in my kitchen this year!

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