Sunset and Sea

Sunset steeple bay zoomed in

This is one of my all time favourite photos – I loved this walk and this image really really just sums up the beauty of the changing sky and landscape. It is the Thames Estuary and a place me and my family have loved and sailed and poked in the mud for generations.

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Morning By the Sea

Misty morn by the sea

Pastel colours at the edges of twilight hours can be just as wonderful as vivid sunsets and glorious dawns

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Reflections of The Sun on The Sea

reflections of the sun on the sea

There is something magical about the way light moves on water as if it too has become a liquid – sunlight on the sea is a gold that can not be extracted!

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Reflected Dawn

Reflexted dawn

I just love the way water reflects sunlight

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Sun and Sea Scape

sun and sea scape

Photo taken along the sea wall of I think a sunset – I just love silhouettes of land and boats and birds and trees infant of such skies and if reflections and ripples can be captured too then all the better.

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The Lightening of The Sky Over The Sea

Lightening of the sky over the sea

Photo taken at Steeple Bay Thames Estuary

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A Day Out With the Boys

German Beer Festival Bristol

I didn’t get the best angle or cropping but I just love their expression! Taken in Bristol at the German Beer Festival.

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Yoda Graffiti

Yoda Graffiti

I found this Yoda lurking on the walls of Weston Super Mare.

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Yellow Sky

Yellow Sky at Weston Super Mare

Yellow sky at Weston Super Mare on the 15th of September 2015 – suggestions are pollution and sand storm – a sand storm around the Cardiff area seems to have be around there so I am going with that!

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Yellow Sky and Black Railings

Yellow Sky and railings

Yellow sky at Weston Super Mare – possibly a sandstrom Cardiff way.

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