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Easter Chocs

These are the dairy free chocolates I made for Easter for kids with various dietary requirements.

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Hiding Eggs

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Eggs in the Reeds

I took this photo of the little plastic eggs nestled in the reeds at twilight.

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Egg in the Coppice

Photo taken in Cranham during an Easter egg hunt I organised.

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Easter Bonnet Upon It

This is a portrait of my eldest wearing the Easter bonnet she had just helped her little sister decorate.

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Sisters at Easter Crafts

This is a photo of my two girls making easter things.

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Easter Bonnet of a 2yr Old

This is the easter bonnet my two year old made – it is very sparkly and easter like.

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Coloured Eggs

We like these reusable plastic eggs – I took this photo after having just filled them all with stickers and chocs and fluffy chic toys 🙂

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Jean’s Easter Bonnets

I love food and I love theming events – these easter bonnets came out so well I just had to photograph especially as my little one looks just so happy with her creations.

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Chocolate Nests

I love making themed food for events – these are chocolate nests I made with my daughter. I like the way the colours match the chicken and things on the breakfast bar.

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