New Camera!

New Camera!

I have a new camera – A FUJIFILM 18 optical zoom and 14 mega pixels. It has a special sticking out bit for holding which has drastically reduced my trembling hand problem.

It cost £80 reduced from £125 meaning that with my £100 budget from birthday money I could afford and case and SD card for it.

I am loving it so far. The camera I had been working with which broke a while back was an 8.5 mega pixel Kodak with 3 x optical zoom and was a £40 buy several years ago. It was a down grade from the first digital camera I had had which was a wedding present but unfortunatly got dropped during the whole 2007 flood fiasco and though was covered by the insurance the payout ended up going to cover soft furnishing that weren’t.

I had noticed the quality difference in the camera and it was starting to feel restrictive but it had been much uch better than the year of no camera which is what I ended up with!

Of course I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the manual for the new camera and have just been playing resulting in some blurry pics still but the close ups and zooms I can get and the change in what light levels will yield good results is amazing!

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