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Taken at Primrose Vale Farm

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Bare and Grey

Taken outside of the Georg Inn Bristol – as soon as we pulled up in the pub car park, I saw the contrast of the grey tree, bare and brittle, arching into the clear blue sky above me.

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The Best of British

Taken outside of the Georg Inn Bristol – I just loved the red of the phone box, the blue of the sky and the muted grey tones of the tree and wall.

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The Gnarly

Taken in the garden of The Georg Inn Bristol.

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Lego Spider

This is a giant lego spider I photographed last year at Lego Land Windsor.

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Deer Deer Graffiti

I found this graffiti in Gloucester – it was on a tempory wall around a building site so I am quiet glade I found it!

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I love the way the colour came out on this photo – I took it on a walk home from the centre of Gloucester

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The Pink Rose

I took this photo in our back garden – the rose is flower is not a large one and it is the firs time I have successfully used the super macro setting on my camera 🙂

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Green Chilli

I just love the green against the black – it is one of the Chilli plants I have managed to grow in my kitchen this year!

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Jean and the Radish

My eldest being very proud of a radish she had grown for Daddy’s lunch salad 🙂

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