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I took this picture at Battle of the Winds in Stroud last spring, I really loved the way the light shone through the banners.

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The Explorer

This photo was taken a few years ago – it shows my little girl Jean at about 3-4 yrs old out on an explore with her teddy. I love the light quality in this picture.

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Fairy Tale Straw

This is a photograph of my little girl holding a fairy tale straw from a wedding reception we had been too. I like the lighting effect in the image.

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Birthday Card

My camera is actually broken which is why this is so glaringly white but I thought it was a nice picture anyway.

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Tea Light Buckets

These buckets contained a friends wedding favours, once the chocolate was eaten people donated theirs to me. I took six and like other friends at the wedding put tealights in them when I got home 🙂

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Christmas Glow

This is a close up of our christmas tree, I felt it showed the warmth of Christmas.

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Mid Winter Sun

This year has been really rainy and so though there was no snow on Mind Winters Day there was this lovely light that shone through my garden chandelier.

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There’s A Dog In The Christmas Tree

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Snowflake Tea Light Buckets

It is Christmas Eve here in the UK and the sun has now set, I got these little buckets from a friends wedding – they were what the wedding favours were in. They make lovely tea light holders and I … Continue reading

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Solstice Light, the Dawn of a New Age, The Singularity is Coming

It is midwinters day here in the UK and also the end of an age according to the Mayans, they also believed that it was the transition time, a changing of ages and that means it is a Dawn as … Continue reading

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