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Snow Garden

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Snow Chimes

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Cat Shelter

This is our cat Helium hiding from the snow – photo taken by Alaric using his smart phone, through a window.

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Braving The Snow

This is a photo of my husband heading off to work in the snow – he walked in, the image of him in his ancient cloak with snow coming down around him was too much to resist. Taken with his … Continue reading

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Tom Long the Long Ginger Tom in the Snow

This is our Tom Cat in the snow – the picture was taken at twilight which is why it is a bit dim and blue.

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Purple Dragon Mug

I love dragons and mugs – this was a birthday present. Photo was taken with a phone camera.

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Butterfly Cake Pop Mountain

This was my birthday cake this year – a pile of vanilla cake pops covered in white chocolate and rice paper butterflies. The image was taken with a phone camera.

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This is a drawing I have done for a web-comic about languages – this on is Lojbani Chicken who speaks Lojban – a constructed language. The image needs digitally editing still. The title of the post is welcome in Lojban.

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Fairy Tale Straw

This is a photograph of my little girl holding a fairy tale straw from a wedding reception we had been too. I like the lighting effect in the image.

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The Man in The Hat

This is a portrait of my friend Andy.

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