Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Sheep!

This is a photo of the festival sheep Yori and Yanto who I made earlier this year for festivals.

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The Budding Artist

This is my little girl starting her writing career just before a workshop at Centre Arts Cheltenham.

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This is my eldest eating cake at Centre Arts in Cheltenham.

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Going Shopping

This is a photo of my youngest with an old basket that I use for cloth scraps at workshops.

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Upcylced Skirt

This is a skirt I made from old t-shirts after the style of Katwise.

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Swirl Cake

More of my cupcakes :/ Sorry I’m a foodie.

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Cat In A Bag

This is a happy cat in a bag – a sleeping bag. Her name is Helium and we’ve raised her and her sister from kittens – this one loves clothing.

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Bleeding Hearts

This is one of me and my little ones rain pictures – we draw a picture and then put it out in the rain.

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Sleepy Snake

I drew this snake for my little ones to make twirling ceiling decorations out of, I thought it was rather cute so took a picture.

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This is nanny knitting in shocking purple.

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