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Snow Light Arch

This photograph was taken from the drive way of our old home, I love the way the light plays a purlised rose sheen on the neighbours house contrasting with the blue sky and white snow. I really like the way … Continue reading

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Nests of Taste

Strawberries and bandy snap baskets what more can I say – this is a photo of one of my favourite deserts. This particular one is a birthday treat made by my husband.

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Criss Cross Ice

I love the way the lighting worked out on this photograph, it is at our old house during the snow.

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Ice Pit Of Doom

This is the water fall at Suttons Mill in Cranham during the 2009 snow.

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Rock Fairy

This is a portrait of my eldest daughter when she was about 4 at Christmas being a rock and roll angle.

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White Reflections of the Landscape

This was taken during a walk around the village of Cranham in in the Cotswolds in 2009 during the snows. I like the way both the snow blanket and the sky are white.

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This is my husband and little girl going sledging in 2009

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Tea Up Lad

This is a portrait of my father having his tea break after helping us out at our old house – he is actually drinking coffee 🙂 It is such a characteristic pose for him I just couldn’t resist it.

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The Singing Kettle

This is our new kettle coming to the boil, I like the metallic red and how it contrasts with the matt black of the oven, it is a very warm homely picture for me.

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Night Snow

This was one of my first snow photos taken in the early part of 2006.

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