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A New Hope

This bird being so at home – to me shows that the decaying buildings have a hope for the future.

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The Next Generation

I love the fact that nature is reclaiming these old buildings and these two seagulls apparently nesting made me think of the next generation.

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I caught the birds just as they were taking flight off of this decaying building in Gloucester – it was a happy accident rather than planned 🙂

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This is the first of my drawings for the 100 Birds in 100 days challenge.

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Ammonites in the Rain

This is one of my of my rainy day pictures I made with my little girl, felt tip drawings then taken outside in the rain to make the colours blend and merge and run.

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Lego Camel and Herder

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Snowy Bird House

Taken in our garden with a phone camera.

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Cat Shelter

This is our cat Helium hiding from the snow – photo taken by Alaric using his smart phone, through a window.

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Tom Long the Long Ginger Tom in the Snow

This is our Tom Cat in the snow – the picture was taken at twilight which is why it is a bit dim and blue.

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I took this photo ages ago but thought it was just so cute – it is my little girl at about 4 yrs old having snugs with the guinea pigs with the pussy cat asleep next to her. That cat … Continue reading

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