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Banoffee Chick

I am very much a foodie and this little chick I made for some easter/birthday festivities – I thought he was so cute he needed a photo all his own 🙂

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Sad Easter Bunny

This is my baby girl Mary last year at Easter – she hates not having cuddles so as soon as she is put down she cries but I wanted a pic of her in her bunny ears.

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Egg Cosies

I knitted these little egg cosies for Easter and thought they made a good trio of monsters 🙂

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Easter Eggs in Ceramic Hen

I hid chocolate eggs in our ceramic hen and somehow my daughter and her friends knew that there would be chocolate eggs in the hen – how did they guess? I just thought it was a cute photo 🙂

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Of Pigs and Ducks and Then

This was taken at the Cranham Flower Festival a few years ago.

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Easter Egg Basket

This is one of my illustrations for The Little Book of Easter Poetry. It is drawn with good quality felt tip, I drew a pencil out line first which I subsequently rubbed out. The image was then scanned.

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Chocolate Egg and Soliders

I love food and drink and theming events with it. These chocolate egg and soliders came as an easter treat for my eldest daughter. They are on a bunny plate on an easter table cloth.

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Retro Bunny

Easter Bunnies come in all shapes and sizes this here is a retro bunny a.k.a my father at last years easter egg hunt we put on for the kids.

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Spring Glow

I love candles especially themed candles and will light them for just about any event – here are my spring candles from last year.

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