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King Alaric In Marigolds

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody 🙂 This is a photo of my husband from a few years ago.

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There’s A Dog In The Christmas Tree

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Missing A Yard of Jaffa Cakes

This is our little girl at about 4-5 stealing the yard of jaffa cakes

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My House

My little girl has decided where she want to settle down 🙂

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Is it Me of is this Pumpkin the SAME size as my Head?

This is a picture of my older girl trying to show the toddler how to take part in a pumpkin and spoon race – it is not a brilliant piece of photography but I thought it was amusing.

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Pumpkin and Spoon Race – I am NOT CHEATING! Mummy honest!

This is a portrait of my little girl Jeany taking part in a spoon adn pumpkin race – she kept holding the spoon and pumpkin together and didn’t understand that it was cheating to do so!

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Grey Monster Hat

This grey monster hat was knitted by one of the ladies who attend [Centre Art’s]( Knit and Natter in Cheltenham.

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Microphone Baby

This is my little girl Mary with my microphone.

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Harry Hydrogen and Patricia Proton

This is a drawing for a series of childrens books I have been working on – the idea of the books is to help children with science.

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Cat In A Bag

This is a happy cat in a bag – a sleeping bag. Her name is Helium and we’ve raised her and her sister from kittens – this one loves clothing.

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