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Cat Shelter

This is our cat Helium hiding from the snow – photo taken by Alaric using his smart phone, through a window.

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Tom Long the Long Ginger Tom in the Snow

This is our Tom Cat in the snow – the picture was taken at twilight which is why it is a bit dim and blue.

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I took this photo ages ago but thought it was just so cute – it is my little girl at about 4 yrs old having snugs with the guinea pigs with the pussy cat asleep next to her. That cat … Continue reading

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Christmas Cat

Hydrogen the cat flaked out on one of the snowman.

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Wild Cats in Lego

I love lego and I love cats – what more is there to be said

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Lego Leopards

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Moggy in a Box

We have sort of adopted a stray who we make little shelters for in the garden

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Cat On Purple

This is our cat Hydrogen – she has had several major ops so isn’t the most with it cat anymore more. I think this photo needs some captions

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Cat In A Bag

This is a happy cat in a bag – a sleeping bag. Her name is Helium and we’ve raised her and her sister from kittens – this one loves clothing.

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Cats On The Wall

One of my illustrations drawn for my husband Alaric using fine liner. He loves cats and today is his birthday It was done completely free hand with no planning as you can probably tell!

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